Completed Valentine Card

Nothing says “Be My Valentine” more than red, white, and hearts!

This card can be made with patterns or just plain red, white, and pink cardstock. It’s easy to figure out where the elements go, and just as easy to customize!

In Cricut Design Space, we changed the red heart in the center to “draw” instead of cut.

You have to remember to attached the “draw” to the white cut heart, or you may end up drawing on some random space!

Do you use a foil attachment? You could also change the center red heart to a foil outline.

If you’d rather eliminate the cut out sentiment, it’s as easy as creating a rectangle, positioning it over the wording in the base section (which will appear upside down on the screen) and merging the two pieces. (Or just move the red rectangle over the base at that point and merge… as you won’t need the rectangle any more.

Be creative! Try gluing the white triangle on the pocket front if you have eliminated the wording!

It’s YOUR heart you are sharing. Make it YOUR style.

As with most of our cards, the surprise starts after you move the band. In this case, the sweet cut-out hearts appear.

Your littles can easily glue the hearts in place and make cards to send to their grandparents. No need for precise layering of elements such as the white body parts of our Penguin card.

Insert a gift or a simple love note. Your choice!

Download the FREE SVG and Instructions today!

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