Avast, ye maties! Peeka’s Pockets has created a treasure box for you to send or hide. Fill it with a Pocket Pal, Gift Card, or some gold doubloons!

This is the first of our flip top cards. It’s 5″ wide by 4″ hide as designed, which still fits perfectly in a standard card envelope.

You can change out the look of the chest by being creative with patterned cardstock.

Our cute little parrot is the latest in the Peeka’s Pocket “Pocket Pals” line. He’s colorful and has wings that move up and down.

Using the chest and the parrot (as well as the monkey or other Pocket Pals), you could add to a great Pirate Party theme.

We are adding the PIRATE HAT as a special for our NEWSLETTER RECIPIENTS. The newsletter will go out on March 7th and will include the link to the pirate hat. It will have several sizes to fit various POCKET PALS.

Pirate Hat SVG provided through a link to our Newsletter Recipients.

Make sure to sign up for our newsletter! The signup is on the side of our page or scroll down to the bottom on your cell phone.

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