Time to start Easter Cards… and Introducing Pocket Pals!

Peeka’s Pocket Cards are not just for money, gift cards, and love notes… they are also for Pocket Pals! These first three Pocket Pals fit perfectly in the pockets of our just released Easter Egg Cards.

Stripes & Polka Dots

Both cards are trifold (three panels) with cutouts in the first panel and completely colored egg in the second panel. Feel free to glitz it up with a sparkly outline!

We used a patterned paper for one, and a plain paper for the other. The pattern is actually a bit busy on the inside, but fun anyway! And, of course, there is a pocket on the inside! That’s what we are all about!

And our new POCKET PALS fit perfectly inside the cracked-open egg! Each Pocket Pal comes with attached parts that fold down to enable the Pal to fit in the pocket, then fold up for fun!

We’ve added a third Pocket Pal in this Easter grouping… an adorable Lamb.

If you download the Easter Pocket Pal Pack, we’ll also include an SVG for an easel stand, or a stand you can glue to the back of the Pocket Pal.

More Pocket Pals will be released VERY SOON… including a lion, a dog, and others that are already in the works. Sign up for our NEWSLETTER (on the right on a PC or at the bottom on your phone) so you won’t miss them! Our goal is to keep them coming with new unique cards so you can send monthly to grandkids, shut ins, or anyone you care about! (Hmmm… sounds like a Pocket Pal of the Month Club!)

Download your Easter Egg Card and Pocket Pal SVG’s now!

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