Squirrel, Puppy and Lion Pocket Pals are now available for download

Meet Puppy, Lion, & Squirrel

We promised you more Pocket Pals, and this week we deliver! Each Pocket Pal is just 4″ tall, and the widths are maintained specially to fit in Peeka’s Pocket Cards.

Puppy in Basic Present Card
Squirrel in Basic Present Card

Our Puppy has moveable ears that can perk up when he hears you coming. All animals have our signature blue eyes, and the puppy eyes just draw you in!

Squirrel is a cheeky little fellow with a big fluffy tail that moves back and forth. He invites you to play with him and help him find his food as you help him scamper around.

Lion is King of the Pocket Pals, but is not scary at all. His big toothless grin and friendly wagging tale show his playful side.

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Download the latest Pocket Pals below:

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