Peeka’s latest offering is a cute trifold card with a layered rainbow.

Outside of St. Patrick’s Day version of Rainbow Card

This one is configured with a St. Patrick’s Day theme to give to someone with which you have a special bond. Partner? Grandchild? Soul Mate?

First Panel

Notice how only PART of the rainbow is on the first panel.

Second Panel

The second panel holds the arches that are missing from the first page. If you want a full rainbow on this page, you simple cut double red, yellow, and blue arches!

The rainbow sections completely cover the surprise crock of gold except for a teensy little peek through the bottom of the rainbow.

Although this one is configured for St. Patrick’s day, there is a BONUS svg without any of the writing included in the download packet. Because you can use any color background, a lighter base card would allow for awesome colored wording or even foil.

This is Peeka’s Pockets’ first trifold pocket card… and there are more in the works. You might even see the rainbow again with completely new elements in the middle!

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Have fun creating this rainbow card! Download now!

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