Send something bright and cheerful for your next occasion!

This top-fold card has Daisies on the outside…

And daisies on the inside!

Add a sentiment and use this card for just about any occasion! This could just as easily be “Happy Birthday”, “Congratulations”, “Missing You”, or “Happy Mother’s Day”.

In fact, a cute little 5 year old we know was visiting our home office, and requested this card, but wanted the daisies to be blue, purple, and pink. (“My mommy’s favorite colors”) So we changed it up for her. What we did NOT do was take a picture of it before she put it in an envelope. Drat! (By the way, she wrote “I love you” on a piece of heart shaped cardstock and popped it in the pocket).

It’s hard to show the dimension that the layers create… but we hope you can see it somewhat:

We’d love to see how you have changed up this versatile card. Feel free to post here on the blog or show us some pictures on our Facebook Page. And don’t forget to sign up for our email newsletter!

Do you have a Super Star in your life?

This card is so generic, it can be used for lots of different occasions to show appreciation to the STARS in your life.

Maybe it’s a Teacher or a Student.

Maybe it’s someone near and dear to you.

The wording can be changed to fit your needs.

Instructions have photos to help you know EXACTLY where to place each star. Colors can be changed to match the style of card you choose to make. And like ALL of Peeka’s cards, there is a pocket for a message or gift.

Download our SUPER STAR card today, and put it where those “frequently used” cards are stored on your computer. We know it will become one of your favorites!

Our first 5 x 7 sized free SVG download.

The first larger-size card in our collection, the Dragonfly card is adaptable to any occasion, and can be reduced in size if desired.

The large pocket holds a sizable removable card with plenty of room for a personal note from you. This one is being used as a Mother’s Day card. We might just add a photo or two in the pocket as well.

The writing at the bottom of this one is one of the new Cricut writing fonts! In DS it is called “Zigzag”. Try it out!

This blue card and the orange one above it are for Teacher Appreciation gifts. Our kiddos will be writing a thankyou note to their teachers on the removeable card. The six year old insisted on “orange and red everything”. They glued their own jewels on, so some are a little offset.

HINT: If you plan to mail the card, try replacing the jewels with paper punches from holographic or glitter cardstock. You get the same bling without the dimension that might end up costing more postage or ripping the card in the post office machinery.

True confessions on this one… we hand cut the pattern piece behind the large dragonfly to make sure the gold leaf centered in his abdomen. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!

This SVG can become a staple in your collection to be used over and over again. Come to think of it, the whole card is recyclable if you only write on the insert! The person who receives it can add their own sentiment to the pocket and pass it on.

Download the Dragonfly card SVG today. And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter so you can hear about all our new releases. Every single SVG is free! (And no annoying advertisements to get in the way…)

When you REALLY need a fan, it’s nice to have one handy!

Peeka’s Pocket 10-blade Fan

This simple to make fan is a breeze to assemble after your cutting machine does the hard work!

Made to fit inside either of our new “Fantastic Mother” cards, it’s the perfect easy gift.

Two styles of cards… one simple to make gift. And each card SVG requires only one piece of cardstock for the base, and one additional smaller piece for embellishments.

Both cards have the majority of work done by your Cricut or Silhouette machine once you convert the written letters from “cut” to “pen (or draw)” and attach things together.

The Trifold Card Starts with U-R-A (You are a…)
And opens to “FAN tastic Mom
After which “Happy Mother’s Day” appears with the fan in the pocket.
The “Fan-fold” Card starts with the Mother’s Day greeting on the band.
It continues with “For My FANtastic…”
It actually repeats the words on both sides, so the second smiley emoji is giving a little wink.

Each card has it’s own separate SVG, as does the Fan file. Instructions are step by step with illustrations.

Think about adapting this card for Teacher Appreciation [“Thank You” instead of “Happy Mother’s Day”, and “Teacher” (or the teacher’s name) in place of “Mom”.]

Or make it a “Birthday Card” for a favorite Aunt or Mentor.

You can also swap “Mom” out for Grandma, Nana, Auntie, etc. Instructions for changing any of our wording, whether written or cut-out can be found as the third page of our “Anniversary” card instructions.

The fan itself makes a great gift for a classroom of kiddos to put together for the special women in their lives. It’s a great way to use up some of that patterned cardstock that you have no idea what to do with!

Download your FANTASTIC cards and FAN template today, and keep it where you’ll find uses again and again! (And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter while you are here, so you don’t miss any of our FREE SVG releases!)

We noticed people asking for anniversary card ideas… and we’re happy to comply!

This card just embraces love and marriage.

From the sentiment on the outside band …

…and the beautiful red heart with entwined wedding rings…

…to the thankfulness of being blessed with your one-and-only, then discovering an “eternity” loop on the inside and the message of your pledged forever love… it’s the perfect Anniversary Card! And, of course, a pocket for that special Anniversary gift! A gift card, tickets to a show, a special love note…

So basic, and simple to make, yet elegant.

Also included in the instructions are detailed explanations of how to CHANGE this card to one you can send to OTHER people who are having an anniversary.

Did you notice the color change on the wedding bands? Use what works for you! This card could also easily be changed for use as a Wedding Congratulations card or for Valentine’s Day.

Download this versatile card today, and hang onto it to use for your special occasions. You might even want to print out the third page of the instructions and keep it handy to help remind yourself of the steps to take to adapt the wording on this (OR ANY OTHER) of Peeka’s Pocket cards!