Calling All Realtors & New Home Owners…

Admit it… this is cute!

If you’ve read our “about” page, you know that Peeka passed away in 2020. He made my daughter and son-in-law promise to take care of me. Though I just lived down the road a couple of miles, I couldn’t keep up with yard work, so the decision was made to help the kids renovate their new home with a mother-in-law suite for me so I could sell my home and move in with them.

It even comes with a picket fence!

Most of my friends and family communicate through texting and social media of one kind or another… but not everyone! One of my high school friends who sends a Christmas Card every year hadn’t heard about Peeka’s death, and didn’t know that I had moved. She will be the first recipient of this card.

Move the front porch…

I also used the realtor who was purchasing agent for my kids as the selling agent for my own. Her name is Kaitlin, and she graces both her purchase and sales clients with amazing “welcome/thankyou” gift baskets. I’ll be approaching her about including a packet of 5 of these for including in her gift baskets.

These could even be made with “new house” colors…

Experienced card makers can add the new address to the insert strip during the “customize” phase (for pen printing and cutting or computer print then cut). On the other hand, a handwritten new address is always fun to receive, too!

Personalize the insert

How about removing the inside wording all together and tucking in a home store gift card to send as a housewarming present? This would make a perfect “Welcome to the Neighborhood” card (include a gift card or certificate for local eateries). Or change the wording to “From Our Home to Yours” to send a “thinking of you” sentiment at any time.

Is it time to build your house?

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3 thoughts on “Calling All Realtors & New Home Owners…

  1. I have tried several times to download the New Home card but I am not getting it like I did with the others I received. It keeps reloading the page, but not sending the path to download request.

    1. I’m so sorry, Ruth! It appears the link was broken. I’ve fixed it now. Thank you for your interest! 🙂 (And thank you DOUBLE for letting me know there was a problem!)

      1. Thank you!! I got it!! We’re moving into a new home and this is going to be perfect to send out to announce it! 🙂

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