Meet our new pocket pals! We’ve created a boy and girl elf that can be clothing customized using your scrap supply!

Boy and Girl Elf

You might notice the bottom brad hole seems too big on the girl. The problem was actually with the brad, but we edited the SVG to make a smaller hole, along with a few other problems we found.

These two are easy to make, and follow the same basic instruction pattern as our other Pocket Pals.

Our cute little boy has striped socks. We left them as cut out strips, but you could change them to “pen” and draw them on his legs. We added a jewel to his cap that matches the brads that make his buttons and double as holders for the legs and arms that swivel back and forth. A white paint pen was used for the sparkle in his eyes.

Our sweet girl elf wears a dress with brads for buttons that also double as fasteners for her arms and legs. The holy leaves are cut out (included in the SVG) but the holly berries were hand drawn with a red glitter pen that coordinates with her red glitter outfit.

Both elves have arms and legs that swivel back and forth. They could also make great Christmas Tree Ornaments by punching a hole in their cap for a ribbon. The white part of the cap is part of the basic background. You could personalize a name in that area by writing by hand or adding text using DS or your Silhouette program, then attaching the text to the background. Writing with glue and adding glitter would also look great!

Like all Pocket Pals, our elves fit into the pockets of our cards to send as presents. They would work perfectly in our new Christmas Tree & Ornament Card, or our Basic Present Card made with Christmas colors.

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