Easter Basket Card

This top-fold Easter Basket Pocket Card is super simple to cut & assemble.
“Easter” is a single line font included with the SVG. It can be written with any compatible pen, or used with the foil system. (Example card doesn’t photograph well, but it is foil on a textured paper). The front of the card has the word “HAPPY” cut out, revealing the colors below, which turn out to be…

Easter Basket Card Inside

Easter Eggs in any color that you choose. The eggs are nesting in a bed of grass inside a brown wicker basket.

When I was a child, all our baskets were hidden by the Easter Bunny. I’ll never forget when the last one we just couldn’t find anywhere had been swapped for the canary cage (which was always covered at night) on a stand. No one questioned that maybe the canary wasn’t still where he belonged!

Our baskets always had eggs and candy in them, not like all the toys that children receive these days. I always hoped for a white chocolate lamb, which I much preferred to chocolate rabbits.

This basket can hold whatever surprise you would like to give (we don’t recommend chocolate!). It is PERFECT for Pocket Pals. We have the traditional Bunny, Chick, and Lamb available:

Bunny Pocket Pal
Chick Pocket Pal
Lamb Pocket Pal

But our newest Pocket Pal Friends have chosen to steal the spotlight by stowing away in the basket card.

Meet… Elephant and Piggy!

Of course, Elephant’s nose moves up and down, revealing his loveable smile. We chose to use some patterned cardstock, but he would be perfect in pink or blue!

And Piggy? He’s our dancer.

His lower legs are moveable to help him dance his Pig Jig, and his tail is back there, too, though you just grab a glimpse of it from the front.

Download our Easter Basket Card and our new Pocket Pal, Elephant and Piggy, below.
And don’t forget that we’ll still include a link to the pirate hats that fit our Pocket Pals from our Newsletter. If you haven’t signed up yet, we’ll be sending a new one out on Sunday.

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