Here’s something new you can tuck in your pocket cards…

See that heart? It’s part of the design!

How about personalized puzzles?

You can choose to mount your picture on something heavier if you want the puzzle to be more permanent. But how about just sending a puzzle-cut photo just for the fun of figuring it out the first time?

The instructions include PRINT/CUT technique, and also how to place an existing picture on the mat and then cut it into a puzzle.

Print/Cut (My beautiful Mom at 90 years old)

This download includes 4 different puzzle variations (each with hearts inserted… great for VALENTINES), and instructions on how to work with the puzzle and pocket card svgs.

There is a separate download for a pocket card that has a little bit larger pocket than some of our others (although our 4 x 6″ puzzle cuts would easily fit in any of our existing cards).

Puzzle Pocket

Pieces fit perfectly in a 3×4 zipper bag (Amazon has them, and they aren’t too expensive), making them even easier to put in and remove from the pocket.

Have fun with this one!