Our third set of board puzzles is available for download, as well as one of the characters on one of them… our newest Pocket Pal: Giraffe!

We added wording to the Parrot puzzle, to show how the puzzles can be adapted for educational use. Words can be added in Design Space, or we can custom make an SVG for you from our other puzzles if you request it.

Giraffe is our newest Pocket Pal. He comes in three pieces articulated through the use of two brads. He can reach high to eat leaves or bend down low to take a drink.

Like all our Pocket Pals, he is sized to be able to fit into the pocket of most Peeka’s Pocket cards. Bend his neck down and tilt his head, and he fits just fine.

Giraffe is shown in the Blue Bird card, which initially comes with “Happy Mother’s Day” on the banner, but we are including other sayings (10 in all) for our newsletter subscribers. Sign up for our newsletter to get access to these 10 extra single-line font sentiments on banners. (Imagine send this card which says “Sending all my Love” on the front, and “And a Surprise for you” inside!)

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Lot 2 of our popular board puzzles is now ready for download. We thought we’d give you a little insight as to the steps we take to get the SVG’s ready for you.

Lion Board Puzzle
Kitten Board Puzzle
Penguin Board Puzzle

Modelled after our Pocket Pals, each puzzle is made to print/cut using basic directions, two pieces of Kraft Board, and an 8.5 x 11″ sticker page.

This prototype of Lion has actually been changed. There is way to much orange/yellow in the center of the puzzle. Per the picture at the top of this blog, your version will have a light green savannah area, and some additional outlining on Mr. Lion himself.

(We always prototype all of our creations to see what does and doesn’t work).

Problem #1 fixed!

This is the 2nd prototype of Ms. Kitten. The first time around, our Cricut started cutting down where the walls meet! A little really close-up investigation showed that the walls didn’t actually meet at all!

Problem #2 fixed!

Seeing as today has been a “fix the problems” day… can you see the “blooper” on this one?

Turns out the bottom frame ended up wider than the top colored part. The puzzle still works, but….

Problem #3 fixed!

Download Lot 2 of Peeka’s Board Puzzles, and don’t forget to sign up for our mailing list so you don’t miss any new releases. (Speaking of which… Penguin is available as a Pocket Pal! You may not have seen him before…)

We recently surveyed on a Cricut for Kids Facebook site as to whether there was a need for board/tray puzzles. It was met with a resounding YES! So today we present to you:

Bunny Board Puzzle
Elephant Board Puzzle
Piggy Board Puzzle

These puzzles are a little different than those which can be bought on the market today. Preschool puzzles that fit in a frame seem to all have the same PICTURE underneath. These puzzles are made to have the SHAPES underneath, like those found in previous generations.

Our prototypes were made using Cricut brand Kraft Board as the base and picture backing, but you are welcome to try whatever substrates your machine can handle. (We have an original Explore Air).

The instructions that will come with the puzzles are universal… meaning that we will use the same format for all of our puzzles, so that once you understand the instructions, it will apply to all new puzzles that come out. For instance, the layer that draws the outlines on the base will always be colored blue. You can draw it in whatever color you want, but the blue colored layer in our SVG will always be the one you change to “pen” or “draw”.

The sizing of all the puzzles is made so the picture can be flattened and printed as print/cut.

The picture is adhered to heavier stock before the “cut” part of the print/cut mat takes place.

The puzzle is cut in two sections… the picture section and the base section.

After the outside edge is glued in place, the puzzle is ready to go!

Download Lot 1 of Peeka’s Board Puzzles today, and make sure you sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss any of the next releases. (Or bookmark Peeka’s Pockets so you can check the menu!)

Here’s the second of our jigsaw templates… this time including dog shapes. They range from easy to a little more complicated.

Thinking it might be fun to make with some sturdy cardstock, a striped pattern was chosen to help with lining up parts.

We enrolled our local testing group to take up the challenge.

Removing from the Puzzle Pocket

Sorting the pieces… looking for dogs

Halfway through

Kid tested and approved!

The youngest tester had only one comment…”Next time make sure the picture has dogs in it!”. Well, you can’t win them all.

We’ve added to our Peeka’s Puzzle Pocket SVG to include a vinyl lining for the pocket to keep it sturdier. Instructions have also been updated.

If you would like to see a specific shape in a puzzle template, let us know here on the blog or on our Facebook Page.

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Have fun with your puzzles!

Here’s something new you can tuck in your pocket cards…

See that heart? It’s part of the design!

How about personalized puzzles?

You can choose to mount your picture on something heavier if you want the puzzle to be more permanent. But how about just sending a puzzle-cut photo just for the fun of figuring it out the first time?

The instructions include PRINT/CUT technique, and also how to place an existing picture on the mat and then cut it into a puzzle.

Print/Cut (My beautiful Mom at 90 years old)

This download includes 4 different puzzle variations (each with hearts inserted… great for VALENTINES), and instructions on how to work with the puzzle and pocket card svgs.

There is a separate download for a pocket card that has a little bit larger pocket than some of our others (although our 4 x 6″ puzzle cuts would easily fit in any of our existing cards).

Puzzle Pocket

Pieces fit perfectly in a 3×4 zipper bag (Amazon has them, and they aren’t too expensive), making them even easier to put in and remove from the pocket.

Have fun with this one!