Outdoor fun and celebrations during the summer are often held under tents or canopies. We’ve created some cards to help you enjoy the fun of tents!

The Circus tent card is great for Birthday wishes, children’s party invitations, or just sending a special greeting/gift to someone special.

The Tent Invitation omits the flag at the top, and extends the size of the tent a little. Included is a card for printing invitation details. Family reunions, backyard barbecues…any summer celebration!

As with all of our cards, the pocket is there for your creative use! Wording can always be changed if you like the “tent” but not the “message”.

Don’t forget that Pocket Pals fit in as well. Here is our brand new Bear. Perfect for the circus card!

Seriously, isn’t he just adorable!

Just this week on a local website was a request for birthday cards for a young lady whose mom is still recovering from Covid. Circus Tent and Pocket Pals to the rescue!

Personalize the outside band. We used Cricut’s new Kerning feature on this font! Can you see the Pocket Pals barely peeking out on the top?

Download our versatile tent cards and the bear pocket pal today. We think you are going to find a lot of uses for this one.

What’s behind the locked gates at the Secret Garden? Can you see a hint through the lattice?

Unhook the lock and view the beautiful fountain.

Complete with a bird just waiting to take advantage of the shower!

If you remember the story of the Secret Garden, what lies within the gates helps to heal those who go inside and transform it back to it’s former beauty.

This card would make a wonderful “get well” card, where you can add your own well wishes to the pocket just behind the fountain.

Or would even make a fun-to-receive Birthday Card

Both of the above sentiments are included with the SVG download. However, with some imagination, this could also be used as a Thank You card, a “missing you” card, or even for an anniversary. Feel free to add bugs or butterflies… or to change the colors of the flowers. It’s yours to personalize! Even the bird can be changed (see our Bluebird Card post for the Robins!)

We used a white textured cardstock for the main card. Cricut glitter gel pen was used for the fountain spray. The fountain itself is a marbled glitter paper that was sent as a freebie from 12 x 12 cardstock (We scribed the detail lines on the fountain with a dark gray fine point Cricut pen). Flowers were done with red glitter cardstock, and the red sentiments were written with Cricut Very Berry fine tip pen. The lock was cut from a scrap of silver metallic card stock.

Download the Secret Garden Card today, and save it for someone who needs an extra large boost to their day.

Do you have a Super Star in your life?

This card is so generic, it can be used for lots of different occasions to show appreciation to the STARS in your life.

Maybe it’s a Teacher or a Student.

Maybe it’s someone near and dear to you.

The wording can be changed to fit your needs.

Instructions have photos to help you know EXACTLY where to place each star. Colors can be changed to match the style of card you choose to make. And like ALL of Peeka’s cards, there is a pocket for a message or gift.

Download our SUPER STAR card today, and put it where those “frequently used” cards are stored on your computer. We know it will become one of your favorites!

Our first 5 x 7 sized free SVG download.

The first larger-size card in our collection, the Dragonfly card is adaptable to any occasion, and can be reduced in size if desired.

The large pocket holds a sizable removable card with plenty of room for a personal note from you. This one is being used as a Mother’s Day card. We might just add a photo or two in the pocket as well.

The writing at the bottom of this one is one of the new Cricut writing fonts! In DS it is called “Zigzag”. Try it out!

This blue card and the orange one above it are for Teacher Appreciation gifts. Our kiddos will be writing a thankyou note to their teachers on the removeable card. The six year old insisted on “orange and red everything”. They glued their own jewels on, so some are a little offset.

HINT: If you plan to mail the card, try replacing the jewels with paper punches from holographic or glitter cardstock. You get the same bling without the dimension that might end up costing more postage or ripping the card in the post office machinery.

True confessions on this one… we hand cut the pattern piece behind the large dragonfly to make sure the gold leaf centered in his abdomen. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!

This SVG can become a staple in your collection to be used over and over again. Come to think of it, the whole card is recyclable if you only write on the insert! The person who receives it can add their own sentiment to the pocket and pass it on.

Download the Dragonfly card SVG today. And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter so you can hear about all our new releases. Every single SVG is free! (And no annoying advertisements to get in the way…)