Thanks to those who have been patiently waiting for the whirlwind of family and personal issues that have been preventing new cards. We’re settling back into routine, and just in time for Christmas Creation!

This simple-to-assemble tri-panel card turns into the perfect gift-giving card.

The holes in the front panel let the color of the bell shine through, giving the illusion of beautiful ornaments. We used Cricut party foil for the bell.

The greetings on the first two panels as well as the inside sentiment and the border around it are written by your cutting machine using applicable pens.

This card is perfect for sending our new Boy Elf or Girl Elf Pocket Pal. Their moveable hands and feet slide to the side to enable the Elves to fit low enough in the pocket to hide and be a total surprise.

You will love the ease of making this card using plain, patterned, or glitter cardstocks. Perfect for sending gift cards, money or Pocket Pals, download the SVG to start on one today!

Do you have a Super Star in your life?

This card is so generic, it can be used for lots of different occasions to show appreciation to the STARS in your life.

Maybe it’s a Teacher or a Student.

Maybe it’s someone near and dear to you.

The wording can be changed to fit your needs.

Instructions have photos to help you know EXACTLY where to place each star. Colors can be changed to match the style of card you choose to make. And like ALL of Peeka’s cards, there is a pocket for a message or gift.

Download our SUPER STAR card today, and put it where those “frequently used” cards are stored on your computer. We know it will become one of your favorites!

When you REALLY need a fan, it’s nice to have one handy!

Peeka’s Pocket 10-blade Fan

This simple to make fan is a breeze to assemble after your cutting machine does the hard work!

Made to fit inside either of our new “Fantastic Mother” cards, it’s the perfect easy gift.

Two styles of cards… one simple to make gift. And each card SVG requires only one piece of cardstock for the base, and one additional smaller piece for embellishments.

Both cards have the majority of work done by your Cricut or Silhouette machine once you convert the written letters from “cut” to “pen (or draw)” and attach things together.

The Trifold Card Starts with U-R-A (You are a…)
And opens to “FAN tastic Mom
After which “Happy Mother’s Day” appears with the fan in the pocket.
The “Fan-fold” Card starts with the Mother’s Day greeting on the band.
It continues with “For My FANtastic…”
It actually repeats the words on both sides, so the second smiley emoji is giving a little wink.

Each card has it’s own separate SVG, as does the Fan file. Instructions are step by step with illustrations.

Think about adapting this card for Teacher Appreciation [“Thank You” instead of “Happy Mother’s Day”, and “Teacher” (or the teacher’s name) in place of “Mom”.]

Or make it a “Birthday Card” for a favorite Aunt or Mentor.

You can also swap “Mom” out for Grandma, Nana, Auntie, etc. Instructions for changing any of our wording, whether written or cut-out can be found as the third page of our “Anniversary” card instructions.

The fan itself makes a great gift for a classroom of kiddos to put together for the special women in their lives. It’s a great way to use up some of that patterned cardstock that you have no idea what to do with!

Download your FANTASTIC cards and FAN template today, and keep it where you’ll find uses again and again! (And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter while you are here, so you don’t miss any of our FREE SVG releases!)

This simple yet beautiful card helps the maker and the recipient focus on the true meaning of the Easter Season.

Lyrics from the popular hymn start the “earbug” affect… sure to get you humming as you are working.

With the ultimate message of rejoicing on the inner panel! A removable image of the resurrected Jesus Christ comes out of the pocket. There are other images in the Cricut DS Access files that could easily be substituted for this one. (Some are shown on the included instruction sheet.)

The Spring Blossoms are created using pens along with layering.

We think this card would be a lovely surprise for an Aunt, Uncle, Parent, Grandparent, or friend.

We’re going to send an extra link to our newsletter subscribers that will include a version with written rather than cut-out lyrics, as well as an option for print & cut (rather than penned and layered) flowers. If you’d like that version, then sign up for our newsletter! The signup is on the right if you are on a computer, or scroll down if you are on your phone.