Shamrock Card

Be Gosh and Be Golly! It’s a sparkling golden lucky four leaf clover!

Who wants to get pinched on St. Patrick’s day? Not me! Send this fun card to a grandchild or friend to supply them with pinch-proof power!

Card opens to reveal a removable, wearable Shamrock

We used a orangish-golden glitter to really make this card sparkle! It’s on the lattice, but also hiding behind the cut-out letters and cute little leprechauns cut out of the front panels.

Note the cute leprechauns that are hidden until the band is removed.

As with our other fan-fold cards, we’ve included one that you can personalize with the receiver’s name. This one includes a fun leprechaun image.

The removable shamrock has a “holder” on the back that can transform it for wearing on a shirt or in the hair.

The card makes a fun, sparkly display for the holiday.

The assembly is super easy. Instructions are included, but you should be able to assemble just by looking at the photos.

Get your cuties ready with their pinch-protection now! (and don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss any of our releases).

A multi-use card for Gender Reveals or Baby Showers.

Inside of Baby Binky card

Gender Reveals are a “big thing” these days. Boy or Girl? This sweet card can be used as an invitation for a reveal party, or to announce the reveal itself!

The SVG is downloaded with three different bands to keep the card closed while sending, one of which is customizable.

It can be used as an invitation to a baby shower by keeping all the binky “parts” the same color.

Our instructions help you learn how to change the pull out and customize it for your needs.

Optional Pull Out

There is always a need to have a good card svg file on hand for use when a new little one is on the way.

Download the SVG and instructions here:

Admit it… this is cute!

If you’ve read our “about” page, you know that Peeka passed away in 2020. He made my daughter and son-in-law promise to take care of me. Though I just lived down the road a couple of miles, I couldn’t keep up with yard work, so the decision was made to help the kids renovate their new home with a mother-in-law suite for me so I could sell my home and move in with them.

It even comes with a picket fence!

Most of my friends and family communicate through texting and social media of one kind or another… but not everyone! One of my high school friends who sends a Christmas Card every year hadn’t heard about Peeka’s death, and didn’t know that I had moved. She will be the first recipient of this card.

Move the front porch…

I also used the realtor who was purchasing agent for my kids as the selling agent for my own. Her name is Kaitlin, and she graces both her purchase and sales clients with amazing “welcome/thankyou” gift baskets. I’ll be approaching her about including a packet of 5 of these for including in her gift baskets.

These could even be made with “new house” colors…

Experienced card makers can add the new address to the insert strip during the “customize” phase (for pen printing and cutting or computer print then cut). On the other hand, a handwritten new address is always fun to receive, too!

Personalize the insert

How about removing the inside wording all together and tucking in a home store gift card to send as a housewarming present? This would make a perfect “Welcome to the Neighborhood” card (include a gift card or certificate for local eateries). Or change the wording to “From Our Home to Yours” to send a “thinking of you” sentiment at any time.

Is it time to build your house?

Is there a Birthday coming up in your family? We’ve got the perfect card!

This so-simple easy-peasy birthday card can be personalized so many ways! How about using a super hero or Disney princess cardstock for the base?

The hardest part of this card will be choosing the cardstock colors…

Older kids will love the secret stash of MONEY or a GIFT CARD to their favorite store.

Younger kiddos always appreciate a NOTE with hugs and kisses from their favorite Auntie.

How about sending wallet sized SCHOOL PICTURES to Grandpa on his birthday?

Write the recipient’s name on the band tag.

Cards can be personalized two ways…. on the outside band tag, and/or by adding their birthday age to the card itself (“21” is shown on these examples).

This card comes together REALLY QUICKLY after the pieces are cut out, and like all of our fan-fold cards, it fits in a standard card envelope.

Completed Valentine Card

Nothing says “Be My Valentine” more than red, white, and hearts!

This card can be made with patterns or just plain red, white, and pink cardstock. It’s easy to figure out where the elements go, and just as easy to customize!

In Cricut Design Space, we changed the red heart in the center to “draw” instead of cut.

You have to remember to attached the “draw” to the white cut heart, or you may end up drawing on some random space!

Do you use a foil attachment? You could also change the center red heart to a foil outline.

If you’d rather eliminate the cut out sentiment, it’s as easy as creating a rectangle, positioning it over the wording in the base section (which will appear upside down on the screen) and merging the two pieces. (Or just move the red rectangle over the base at that point and merge… as you won’t need the rectangle any more.

Be creative! Try gluing the white triangle on the pocket front if you have eliminated the wording!

It’s YOUR heart you are sharing. Make it YOUR style.

As with most of our cards, the surprise starts after you move the band. In this case, the sweet cut-out hearts appear.

Your littles can easily glue the hearts in place and make cards to send to their grandparents. No need for precise layering of elements such as the white body parts of our Penguin card.

Insert a gift or a simple love note. Your choice!

Download the FREE SVG and Instructions today!