Board Puzzles Lot 1 (Bunny, Elephant, Pig)

We recently surveyed on a Cricut for Kids Facebook site as to whether there was a need for board/tray puzzles. It was met with a resounding YES! So today we present to you:

Bunny Board Puzzle
Elephant Board Puzzle
Piggy Board Puzzle

These puzzles are a little different than those which can be bought on the market today. Preschool puzzles that fit in a frame seem to all have the same PICTURE underneath. These puzzles are made to have the SHAPES underneath, like those found in previous generations.

Our prototypes were made using Cricut brand Kraft Board as the base and picture backing, but you are welcome to try whatever substrates your machine can handle. (We have an original Explore Air).

The instructions that will come with the puzzles are universal… meaning that we will use the same format for all of our puzzles, so that once you understand the instructions, it will apply to all new puzzles that come out. For instance, the layer that draws the outlines on the base will always be colored blue. You can draw it in whatever color you want, but the blue colored layer in our SVG will always be the one you change to “pen” or “draw”.

The sizing of all the puzzles is made so the picture can be flattened and printed as print/cut.

The picture is adhered to heavier stock before the “cut” part of the print/cut mat takes place.

The puzzle is cut in two sections… the picture section and the base section.

After the outside edge is glued in place, the puzzle is ready to go!

Download Lot 1 of Peeka’s Board Puzzles today, and make sure you sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss any of the next releases. (Or bookmark Peeka’s Pockets so you can check the menu!)

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