Perfect for Mother’s Day or other occasions.

This simple card with layered Blue Birds is our latest top flap card line

Originally designed for use with foil wording, we weren’t happy with the way that turned out, so we redid the words on the front as separately cut out and pasted on. (You can see the foil outline underneath the cut out)

The birds are mirrored on the inside carrying a single-line font penned on the banner using your machine.

It’s a little difficult to see the pocket on this picture due to the card stock used.

However, we made a second version changing the type of bird and using patterned cardstock. You can clearly see the pocket below:

You can always change out the colors on any of our cards to match your mood or the paper stock you have available. You can also “flatten” the birds to do a simple print and cut. The wording on the banner can also be turned off and your own wording can be added.

As with all of Peeka’s Pocket cards, there is a pocket that can be used to send a gift: handwritten sentiment, gift card, money, photos, etc.

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