When this little guy was learning to talk, he couldn’t say “Grandpa”.  It came out “Pah Kah” every time.  Somewhere along the line it morphed to “Peeka”, and there it stayed.

Peeka adored his grandkids.  In 2020 he passed away a short seven weeks after a diagnosis of Glioblastoma (a fast growing brain cancer).  Peeka worked on cruise ships giving lectures, and often returned with tip money.  Several months after his death, we found a passport case with a zipped-up pocket containing money we didn’t know existed.  It was the perfect amount to give each grandchild a gift for Christmas.  To surprise the kiddos with their money from Peeka, some cards from another site were adapted to provide “money pockets” inside.  Out of respect for that site, we will NOT share their SVG’s, even though we changed them to suit our purpose.  The grandkids loved the cards as much as the money (to quote the 17 year old, “Grandma has skills”); so much so that Grandma started designing “Pocket Cards” for various occasions.

After a lot of brainstorming for a good site name, PeekasPockets was born. 

Our goal is to distribute pocket card SVG’s free of charge through our blog: one, two, maybe even three per week. Eventually we hope for “3rd Party” revenue from affiliates, etc., but for the time being, these are our gift to you.  Please freely refer others to our site, and give us credit where credit is due!  Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media!

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